Effortlessly elevate your employee support, one email at a time

Modernize your email support experience with intelligent intent detection, instant first-level responses, and seamless channel hopping

Deflection made easy with AI

Make email support for employees as seamless as a Slack/Teams conversation with Atom, our AI Assistant. Instead of waiting on an agent to respond, Atom will automatically send a first-level response with relevant information from your enterprise knowledge graph. Faster answers, happier employees.

Intent-ional efficiency with smart routing

Minimize the initial legwork for your agents with intelligent intent detection. Atom doesn’t just read emails—it understands them. It uses the intent behind each email to recognize the type of request, log it, and direct it to the right team, keeping your agents focussed on what they do best.

Seamlessly maintain conversations between channels

Enable employees to reach out to your team using their preferred communication method at any given moment, whether it’s email or Slack/Teams. Conversations can transition effortlessly between these channels, allowing them to continue tracking requests and stay engaged without interruption.

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