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IT Knowledge Management
IT Knowledge Management

Federate internal knowledge

Provide accurate, instant and personalized answers to employee questions everyday, on Teams and Slack.

One knowledge hub for your employees

Atomicwork's AI assistant, Atom, intelligently consolidates all your knowledge sources from wikis, docs, confluence and sharepoint etc to  provide a unified repository accessible at your team's fingertips on Slack and MS Teams.

Avoid information overload

Save your team from drowning in a sea of information and documents - Atom acts as a beacon, quickly and intelligently consolidating data.

Reduce help desk tickets

Bring the information to employees through Atom. Atom does the heavy lifting and ensures that information, once added to its repo, is available to all.

Keep data safe and secure

Configure fine-grained access to documents and ensure that sensitive information is  accessible only to those with authorization.

Leave the knowledge search to Atom, your personal concierge for enterprise search.

No more waiting around for answers across your enterprise knowledge base, portals, documents and wikis!

Connect your information systems

Streamlining knowledge management systems liberates your employees from having to look under all the rocks in the garden for answers to everyday questions like "How do I troubleshoot my VPN?" or "How do I reset my password?"

Connect your policy docs, training procedures, troubleshooting manuals, software evaluation guidelines, user manuals, compliance standards, escalation procedures and so on, with Atomicwork to give employees a one-stop-shop.

Provide instant, up-to-date answers

Atom learns all your knowledge sources and even from historical Slack and Teams conversations to be a first-line responder and take the load off your team so they can focus on what matters for IT success. When your team updates a knowledge article, Atom updates itself to provide the latest answers to your employees.

Support employees where they already are

No more bookmarking service desk portals or digging for the correct email alias or Slack channel to ask a question; employees can ask Atom for help right inside Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Set up a service catalog so that Atom can guide employees to the right solution. Atom can also provide status updates and notify employees when their input is needed for resolution.

Provide fine-grained information access

No more bookmarking service desk portals or digging for the correct email alias or Slack channel to ask a question; employees can ask Atom for help right inside Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Atom can centralize information from all your knowledge sources to solve issues across multiple departments - IT, HR, Finance, Facilities, etc.

Everything you need for a modern knowledge hub

All your employee needs and search for business information. Just a conversation away.

Reduce information loss

Mitigate the impact of employee turnover on knowledge loss. Atom can preserve critical information even as team members change.

Success from Day 1

Your new hires deserve empowerment, not overload. Atom can be a friendly go-to bot during onboarding so your new hires have the right thing at the right time.

Natural language interface

Provide conversational support to your employees; Atom intuitively understands and responds to natural language queries just like a human would.

Continuous learning

Atom learns from interactions, improving its accuracy over time. As your IT landscape evolves, so does Atom, staying ahead of the curve.

Proactive assistance

Get ahead of requests by designing learning journeys for employees. Atom can deliver information, nugget-by-nugget, to avoid overload.

Identify gaps

Atom can identify knowledge gaps, helping your organization prioritize areas for further research, training, or content development.

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