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We just published the ‘State of AI in IT’ report for IT leaders to plan their 2024 strategy

We released the 'State of AI in IT' report with insights from 1000 IT professionals and end users, with a particular focus on North America.

IT leaders have always been discerning when it comes to embracing new technologies, and for good reason. Until a technology proves its worth over time, why should an IT leader worry about it? Artificial Intelligence has not only survived that initial hype cycle but has also become a highly useful force at work, especially with the emergence of tools like ChatGPT/GenAI.

This means that employees have been quick to jump on the AI bandwagon, leaving IT leaders scrambling to respond. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive understanding of AI usage and adoption, we decided to dive deep into the ‘State of AI in IT 2024’ and put together a resource that would help bring clarity to IT leaders.

In collaboration with, we conducted a survey involving 1000 IT professionals and end users, with a particular focus on North America.

Key insights

User adoption: 75% of end users reported actively using free AI tools like ChatGPT in their work. This showcases a significant embrace of AI technologies at the user level.

Common use cases: The most common applications of AI among end-users included ‘creative ideation or problem-solving’ (34%), ‘email drafting or editing’ (30%), and ‘content creation or editing’ (26%). These results emphasize the ways users are integrating AI into everyday tasks.

Organizational adoption: Among IT respondents, 58% indicated that their organizations are still in the early stages of AI adoption. This includes those in the planning phase (20%), early exploration (24%), and pilot projects (14%). Only 11% stated that their organizations have no plans for AI adoption in IT.

Key benefits: The top three benefits cited by IT professionals for adopting AI in IT include ‘data analytics and synthesizing insights’ (45%), ‘chatbots for self-service adoption’ (38%), and ‘improving employee experience and workflow automation and optimization’ (tied at 34%). These insights underscore the advantages organizations anticipate by embracing AI.

Download your free copy of the report here.

The ‘State of AI in IT 2024’ will help IT leaders navigate the complex terrain of AI adoption. IT professionals can use these insights to craft informed strategies that align with the needs of their organizations and their people.

Embracing AI is no longer a choice for IT leaders; it's about how quickly they act to understand, adopt, and streamline its usage across their organization. The State of AI in IT report will help them do just that.

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