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Cherwell EoL is here: 7 best Cherwell alternatives to consider for your next ITSM
Our roundup of top ITSM alternatives to Cherwell's service management solution after Ivanti's End of Life announcement.
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Two ITSM worlds clashed at the recently-concluded Pink24 conference and here are our big learnings.
70-80% of AI projects in IT organizations fail. Here’s why.
Using AI effectively to achieve clear-cut business goals is challenging.Here's what to keep in mind when planning your next AI initiative.
Beyond the AI hype: A conversation with Charie Araujo
Charlie joined us for an episode of the Atomic Conversations podcast and shared his views on looking beyond the AI hype.
Atomicwork at Pink24 in Vegas – Come say hi at Booth 206!
Everything you need to know about Pink24 conference, Las Vegas.
6 steps to build a robust AI implementation strategy in IT
Key strategies for successfully introducing AI in IT, from problem identification to vendor selection and change management.
How AI can be a game-changer for KTLO and business continuity management
With the right strategy and tools, IT teams can change the KTLO status quo and bring in unseen levels of productivity and business continuity.
Tickets are dead: What's the future of IT support?
Moving past traditional ticketing, what does the future hold for IT support?
Embracing the inevitable: How can IT be a facilitator and not the gatekeeper of AI
The future of work is undoubtedly AI-integrated, and proactive IT management is critical to navigating this future successfully.
We just published the ‘State of AI in IT’ report for IT leaders to plan their 2024 strategy
We released the 'State of AI in IT' report with insights from 1000 IT professionals and end users, with a particular focus on North America.
How IT can leverage AI for incident management
The integration of AI in incident management is not just about enhancing efficiency but also about revolutionizing user experience.