Transform your ITSM

With the Atomicwork-Jira integration, streamline your workflows and boost your team's productivity

Elevate your workflows with AI

By integrating Atomicwork and Jira, employees can perform all quick JIRA actions like adding or removing users from projects right from Microsoft Teams and Slack. Once a service request is raised, a built-in workflow kicks in, acting automatically, ensuring a smooth and quick resolution.

Reduce operational fatigue

Automate frequently performed Jira actions using Atomicwork; no extra workflow automation tools needed to trigger these tasks! For instance, when employees raise requests through Atomicwork, corresponding issues can be automatically created in Jira. The automation reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Remove scale barriers

Connecting Atomicwork with Jira bridges the gap between IT service management and project management. It facilitates better collaboration among teams, ensuring that service requests and project issues are handled efficiently and promptly.

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What is Atomicwork?
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How can I try Atomicwork?
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