IT Chatbot

An IT buddy for every employee

Atom acts as a companion to employees. It is always there for them to listen to their problems and provide accurate solutions on the go, so employees can continue doing their best work.

Enhance your employee experience

Explore how Atom, our ITSM chatbot facilitates communication to improve the overall experience of employees.

Increased productivity

Atom responds in real-time so employees can overcome IT-related obstacles quickly and get back to their core tasks. The reduced time spent on IT issues and the availability of self-service options contribute to increased productivity and efficiency in employees’ work.

Increased engagement

Atom is designed to provide a user-friendly experience to employees. It can understand employees’ problems with full context and offer tailor-made solutions.This enhances the overall employee experience and satisfaction with IT support services.

Streamlined onboarding

Atom acts as a digital buddy for new employees. It assists them by providing information about company policies, IT systems, and best practices, so new employees can better navigate their way through the organization's vast landscape.

Transform your IT support

Discover how Atom can help you expand your IT team without added operational costs.

Standardized and consistent support

Atom is programmed with predefined workflows and knowledge bases to ensure standardized and consistent support to employees. This helps eliminate the variability that may exist in human responses and ensures that employees receive accurate and reliable information every time. Standardized support also facilitates compliance with IT service management policies and procedures.

Data-driven insights

Atom captures and analyzes data from employee interactions, providing valuable insights into common IT issues, trends, and employee preferences. You can use this data to identify areas for improvement, optimize IT service management processes, and enhance the overall employee experience.


Atom can handle a large volume of employees’ queries at the same time, ensuring scalability and flexibility in IT support services. Unlike human agents, ITSM chatbots like Atom are not limited by the number of simultaneous interactions they can handle.They can also manage spikes in queries demand without compromising quality or response times.

Enhanced compliance and audit readiness

Atom can be customized to follow IT service management policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements. By doing so, you can ensure compliance and be audit-ready, thereby reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Additionally, Atom can provide accurate and consistent information about IT governance, security protocols, and data protection, which can help your organization comply with regulatory obligations.

One chatbot, many functions

Explore what all Atom do, beyond resolving IT issues.

Self-service options

Atom can guide employees through troubleshooting steps, provide relevant articles, and offer self-help options.

Ticket management

Employees can report IT issues directly to Atom, which can then generate asupport ticket and track its progress.

Incident management

Atom guides employees through incident reporting, captures relevant incident details, and escalates critical incidents to the appropriate IT teams.


Atom can be integrated with monitoring tools to proactively identify and address IT issues.


Define chatbot workflows, language models, and responses to align Atom with your organization's unique needs.

Analytics and reporting

Atom captures and analyzes data from employee interactions to identify trends and improve IT service delivery and experience.

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