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Product updates: What’s new in February

Here’s everything we shipped in February to make 2024 more productive for employees.

The last year or so has shown us that we’ll be quick to eat our words when we say things like, “This was the month of AI!” but, with the Sora and Gemma announcements, is this not the month of AI?? Who knows what’s in store for us next month! We can hardly wait.

Here’s everything we shipped in February to make 2024 the year of employee productivity:

  • Provide end-user support through email
  • Out-of-the-box password reset skill
  • Use datapills to share data from one workflow action with another
  • Redesigned Atom’s answering skills so that the answers are user-friendly and comprehensive, and countless fixes
  • Atom insights report so admins can drill down into helpful and unhelpful answers from Atom

Provide end-user support through email

One small step for Atom, a giant leap for end-user support.

Now, admins can set up a mailbox in Atomicwork and manage questions via email as well. This means that employees can email like the good old days), and a request will be created so an agent can get back to them.

If Atom finds an answer in the knowledge base, it’ll suggest the answer to the employee and create a request on their behalf. Atom can also identify service requests and incidents and create requests in the portal as well.

The end-user doesn’t have to log into the portal to check the request status. They can query on the same thread, and Atom will return the request’s status.

Please note that you can forward emails from Microsoft 365 and Gmail to Atomicwork.

Automatically reset Microsoft Azure Active Directory password for end-users

Did you know that the most frequently encountered question by an IT manager is a password reset question and that every password reset costs the company $70?

For security reasons, IT teams often require end-users to reset passwords (especially for high-risk software) and end up drowning in the deluge of tickets it triggers.

That’s why we decided to bake in password reset as a native Atom skill. All you have to do is turn on the skill when you connect your Azure AD account to Atomicwork, and Atom will start helping your end-users reset their password.

Want to see this skill in action? Sign up for a demo with us today!

Unlock automation possibilities by leveraging data from actions

In January, we shipped the ability to use the data output of one Azure action as the input for another. In February, we decided to call the data output “datapills” and then ship the feature for actions like Okta, Slack, Teams, email and updating request attributes.

This means you can build and run more end-to-end, comprehensive workflows in Atomicwork.

For example, let’s say you want to automate the progress of incident management notification. You could set a workflow like:

  • Trigger a workflow when an “incident is created”. Tip: You can even build different flows for low, medium, high, or critical impact.
  • Create a Slack/Teams channel for the incident team to come together and work on the incident.
  • Use a datapill to add the incident team to the channel (you’d pass the ID of the Slack/Teams channel from the previous action to this one) so they can follow the process.
  • Post the channel ID (the datapill from the first action) to the global incident channel so all stakeholders can stay abreast of the progress and join the relevant incident channel.

All of this through the ping of an event. What a world we live in!

Learn more about what your end users are looking for with Atom insights report

We heard from customers and prospects that the most useful report we could bring to the table as conversational ITSM software is a really good insights report. What are end users looking for? Did they find the answers they were looking for? If they didn’t, what questions did they ask?

So, we built it.

We also added a 👍 and 👎 button to answers generated by Atom so end users can mark answers as helpful (or not), helping admins gauge and improve Atom’s accuracy or provide end-user training and support.

Spruced up Atom’s answering skills

Sometimes, when an employee asked a question, Atom had multiple answers, which it thought might work but ended up having to pick just one to keep things simple for the employee.

We revisited this experience because we thought employees needed all the relevant information. So, we included relevant answers, services from the service catalog, and even conversation snippets of earlier conversations that Atom learned from the channels it’s a part of.

This Month I Learned – by Atom

  • When I create a request, I add a prefix for easy categorization. Before this month, I always added only REQ, SER, and INC for service requests and incidents. But now, admins can tell me their preference for request prefixes.
  • I also can help admins migrate requests between workspaces in case more than one team needs to work on a request

Overall, these updates demonstrate our commitment to providing a helpful, fair, and safe AI-powered assistant that empowers employees and IT teams to work smarter and faster. We hope you find these updates useful, and we look forward to bringing you more exciting features in the future!

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