Bring BambooHR to your service desk

With the BambooHR - Atomicwork integration, your HR team can automate onboarding tasks like creating an employee profile

De-portalize leave management

Take leave management to the end-user instead of making the end-user log into BambooHR to record timeoff. All they have to do is ask Atom; Atom can record timeoff on behalf of the end-user

Your new onboarding and offboarding helper

Make the moments that matter the most matter a lot. Use Atomicwork to handle the routine update tasks like creating and updating BambooHR user profiles so that you can focus on making these key employee lifecycle moments special.

Bring your tech stack together

Organize and manage your employee data from one place; this way, your IT and HR teams can wire different apps together for data harmony. No coding is required, and the automation can be set up by anyone in just a few minutes.

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What is Atomicwork?
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How can I try Atomicwork?
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