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May-king IT Magic with Atomicwork Updates

A roundup of all the feature enhancements built in Atomicwork during the month of May to make IT service management modern.

Before we get into it, we are stoked that Atomicwork was recently featured during the Microsoft Build conference as part of their Copilot ecosystem. We’re proud to be showcased on the Copilot extensions marketplace and profiled among the AI First Movers in Asia. Our team is working on some exciting features in partnership with Microsoft, so watch this space for more updates. (Find us in this screenshot!)

We are back with the latest edition of Atomicwork’s feature roundup, where we talk about all the freshest enhancements that’ll help make your IT service management smooth as butter. Our latest updates are packed with powerful capabilities covering:

  • Major incident management
  • Integrations with Okta, Intune and Jira
  • Custom branding for Atom
  • Refinements to the Atom UX

Let’s dive in!

Manage major incidents intelligently

Incidents like a network outage or an app failure that affect a large number of your users at once require early diagnosis and immediate coordinated efforts to resolve quickly. Atomicwork is equipped to handle these situations smartly from start to finish. Your admins will be notified if several similar incidents are reported within a short span and once they acknowledge them as a major incident, they’ll be linked together under a primary incident with one click. You can then automate responses to new incidents, broadcast messages, and update all the incidents from one place ensuring that communication is consistent across all affected parties.

Improve security and user access with the Okta integration

If you rely on Okta for security and easy user management, we’ve brought those functionalities right into Atomicwork with a tight integration into the Okta ecosystem. Here are all the things you can do with this integration:

  1. Sync employee data seamlessly between Okta and Atomicwork with intelligent attribute mapping
  2. Allow agents and employees to login with their Okta credentials
  3. Allow users to request access to apps that are provisioned through Okta by asking Atom

Collaborate better with teams on Jira

With the Atomicwork-Jira integration, you can setup workflows that will automate the creation of Jira issues from Atomicwork, allowing attributes to flow seamlessly between the two platforms. This way, your IT team can easily transfer requests to teams working in Jira like your engineering teams. With an upcoming release, users will also be able to look up issues and ask for updates in Jira through Atom.

Deploy software remotely with Intune

Sync assets from your Microsoft Intune account into Atomicwork and execute asset actions such as locking or resetting the passcode on devices remotely. With a few clicks, Atom can also remotely install software on employees' computers, streamlining the software deployment process so they have instant access to the tools they need to perform their tasks efficiently.

Personalize Atom to reflect your company’s identity

We love the name Atom but we wanted to make sure that you could @mention it with a name that feels perfect for your users. You can now rebrand our AI Assistant to match your company’s persona which will reflect across the Atomicwork platform, making it seamlessly integrate with your brand identity.

Note: This is currently only available on Microsoft Teams but will be coming to Slack soon!

More updates:

  • You can now select specific Slack or Teams channels for Atom to learn from, ensuring it always stays updated with the most relevant information.
  • We’ve made notifications in Slack sleeker and cleaner so that Atom surfaces the most relevant details and context up top.

That’s all for now, folks! We’re building Atomicwork putting your emloyees and IT teams at the forefront, to help them work their best. If you want to explore how Atomicwork can help you make IT magic happen, sign up for a demo on our website.

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