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Software asset management
Software asset management

Unified software access and asset management

Assets can be software too; reduce SaaS sprawl and optimize costs with effective software asset management

The challenge with managing software assets

Software and hardware assets differ not just in type but also challenges
License overuse

Uncontrolled software usage could lead to license overuse, resulting in compliance issues and potential fines.

Software waste

Unused or underutilized software licenses waste resources and inflate IT budgets unnecessarily.

Lack of visibility

Without a centralized view, managing software assets becomes chaotic, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities for optimization.

Modern workplaces need modern SAM modules

Optimize software use and reduce costs through effective software asset management
Centralized asset tracking

Implement a centralized system to track all software assets, ensuring visibility and control over software usage and compliance. This centralized approach allows for easier management of software updates and patches, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities.

Automated license management

Use automated workflows to provision and deprovision software licenses, preventing overuse and underuse, and ensuring compliance with licensing agreements. Automation also helps in maintaining accurate records, making it easier to predict future licensing needs and budget accordingly.

Regular audits and optimization

Conduct regular audits to identify unused software, allowing for reallocation or discontinuation to optimize costs and resource utilization. These audits will help in uncovering redundant or obsolete software, streamlining the software portfolio for better efficiency.

Bring your ITSM processes together

Manage all of your ITSM practices from one place to enhance overall IT operations and support. Enable a seamless flow of information between asset management and service management processes, improving incident resolution times and ensuring that software assets are managed in the context of broader IT services.

Modernize your ITSM, end-to-end

Incident management

Efficiently track, manage, and resolve IT incidents to minimize disruption and maintain business continuity

Problem management

Identify and address the root causes of recurring incidents to prevent future issues and enhance system reliability.

Change management

Streamline the planning, approval, and implementation of IT changes to reduce risks and ensure seamless transitions.

Request management

Automate and manage service requests with ease, ensuring timely fulfillment and enhanced user satisfaction.


Leverage powerful analytics to gain actionable insights, drive informed decisions, and optimize IT operations.

AI Assistant

Empower your team with an intelligent AI Assistant that automates routine tasks and provides quick, accurate support.

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